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Additional Employee
... whose qualifications and length of stay you will determine. IAESTE places only students that have completed their basic studies; these trainees are therefore advanced in their studies and have fundamental knowledge that often has been strenghened in previous internships in their own country. IAESTE presents you a suitable candidate – you have the last word!

No Organizational Expenses
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Very Good Foreign Language Skills
Understanding Among Nations
International Work Experience
Free of Charge

What We Do

IAESTE is an international non-profit organization that arranges internships all over the world in close cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service.

The Benefits

We will provide you with an international student selected according to your criteria free of charge. All organizational expenses (accommodation, work permit, visa, etc.) will be taken over by us. You decide on the basis of our candidate's application documents.

Are You Interested?

We are always at your disposal for a personal conversation. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail (


You can find further information in our brochure Hinweise für Arbeitgeber (german).