Missed Application Period?

No problem. There are many unassigned positions.

Advantages of an Internship with IAESTE

  • No extensive search for internships
  • Help with formalities (visa, etc.)
  • Usually organization of accommodation
  • Support during the internship (tours, paties, etc.)
  • Payment provides the cost of living in the work country
  • Finacial support for traveling to countries outside of Europe
  • Help with the application
  • Experience of former IAESTE-Outogoers
  • Help with questions during exam preparation

Going Abroad with IAESTE

The Local Committee Stuttgart offers technical and natural scientific internships abroad for students of the University of Stuttgart and other Colleges in Stuttgart.

There are spots in the industry as well as in research institutes. Most IAESTE internships are of a duration of 2-3 months and often take place in the summer All internships are being paid depending on the cost of living in the chosen country. IAESTE takes care of the apartment hunt and all necessary formalities for the interns. This service is free for all students who are enrolled in Germany. The IAESTE program is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

How Do I Get an Internship with IAESTE?

Ideally, you have already completed 2 semesters of studies to be a valuable asset to the company. If you meet this condition, there are two possibilities to be selected for an internship with IAESTE:

The Regular Application Process

By sending in your Online-Pre-application at the beginning of the winter semester (Deadline 30. November), you will be placed in the pool of applications. We will then offer you internships based on your preferences (countries, duration, qualifications), out of which you will select a favorite. We will then try to get your preferred internships at the exchange conference and will inform you about our success. Now you have to decide if you want to commit bindingly to take the offered internship or decline. The internships will then take place in the following year, usually in the summer months.

The deadline for submitting a pre-application is 13.01.2019. The internships will then take place in 2019 (usually in the summer months). 

You can find a more detailed description of the regular application procedure in the section Application.

Application on Vacant Positions

Truly an unparalleled experience.

This country, that few know at all, surprises me every day anew.

You can find more opinions in the Testimonials


The payment by the local company should be enough for the cost of living in that country (accommodation and food). Usually you will get cash at the end of the month. You will have to pay for traveling cost (including Visa, vaccination, insurance) yourself, though. To help you with traveling outside the EU, there is the possibility of financial support by the DAAD.

Assistance in Germany

  • Support during the whole application process
  • Arrangement of the internship positions
  • Help with your application documents

Assistance in the work country

  • Arranging of accommodation
  • If necessary pickup on arrival
  • If necessary pickup and guiding on the first day of work
  • Organization of free time activities
  • Help with almost all other problems


You still have questions about your internship abroad with IAESTE?